Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Crazy Life with Some Boo Time!

This month has seriously been CRAZY! My husband and I are currently looking for our very first home to buy together! :) We've been married about a year and a half now, and are definitely ready for our own home vs. renting!

The home buying process is a busy, hectic, nerve-wracking, and frustrating process [as I'm sure many of you know]. We've tried to just be patient...knowing we'll find the right place eventually. However..waiting is not a word that works well with my personality. I'm ready for it now! SO...thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated during this time! cards go out in the next few days. Our district is starting standard based report cards where the students basically get a P (proficient) or a N (needs more time/not proficient) based upon each standard. I am realizing this is hard for teachers. I have to have SO much documentation to back up why a student received a P or a N. Grades don't reflect what they know is definitely solely revolving around formative assessments, etc. It is a love.hate relationship.

Lastly, I have joined in on the network of Boo-ing going on! Amanda at Inspired in Second boo'd me, and I'm finally back to blogging to join in this fun linky.


1. If you've been boo-ed, copy and past the above pic and the "rules into your post. (check)
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3. Share 3-5 October activities, books, products (maybe yours or someone else's) or freebies that you love.
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5. Link up [here] so that others can find you and read about your October ideas! While you are there check out the other great blogs!

I'm excited about...

1. I am so excited to be doing the pumpkin book reports from Second Grade Shenanigans. We tweaked it a bit to fit in with Common Core. My students chose a tall tale, fairy tale or fable to read and create the report on. We are then creating our character pumpkin based upon these tall tales, fairy tales and fable characters. Tomorrow we are spending some time creating our pumpkins so we'll see how it goes!

2. This doesn't necessarily relate to activities, etc. for the students or October, but I found a wonderful Common Core resource site! On this site you are able to watch demonstration videos of actual lessons relating to Common Core. You can also download lessons, ideas, formative assessments, etc. for each standard [no matter the grade level]. I explored around the site, and loved it. Go check it out. All you have to do is sign up and it is free! - I'm all about finding resources I can use with Common Core!

I do feel bad because I have joined in on this linky party so late that most of my good blogging friends have already been boo-ed! OH guys get the point! :) It is a fun linky, and I love getting to share ideas and resources!

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  1. Heather, I am not a person that prefers to wait either!! Waiting for the perfect home is all in His timing! It will come.
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized