Saturday, November 3, 2012

Currently November!

Oh my goodness...I cannot believe it is already November. I did a TERRIBLE job posting in October. I looked back, and only two posts ago did I complete the October Currently!! October was crazy, though so I don't feel as guilty.

October and November are my favorite months. This November is even more exciting as Election Day is coming up. No matter your opinions, I always love when this time comes around as it makes me appreciative towards the different opinions, views, and rights of others. I also think it is SO important to introduce my 2nd graders to this voting process. Many of them come from very low SES homes and do not quite understand the structure of the world outside of their "bubble." This is a WONDERFUL time to introduce them to their rights as Americans. If you know of any good units dealing with Election Day, let me know. I'm still in the process of looking! :)

Now on to November Currently from the one and only Farley.