Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm Obsessed..

Ok..but really..this personal laminator is so addicting! I keep trying to find things to laminate! :) Honestly, though, it really is durable so I can't help but love it. Here are a few more pictures of this laminator that you could win!

The materials in these pictures are from my Word Study stations. These are games my students play while I meet with my Word Study small groups. The class rotates through these games. All the words reflect back to the pattern we are studying so the students are getting practice reading and writing words that follow our vowel patterns we are learning that week.

I have LOVED my Word Study units so far this year (as have the students). They are learning more about identifying patterns vs. simply memorizing words for a Friday test.

You can check out these Word Study stations at mine and Little Miss Whimsical's TPT or TN store. They include:

-Word Study Go Fish
-Word Study Monopoly
-Word Study Scattergories

Also, if you have not entered to win this amazing personal laminator, you should! You could win a laminator exactly like the one you saw in the pictures above for FREE! Check it out by scrolling down OR by clicking this link!


  1. Hi Heather! Your blog is adorable! I just read your post about using Daily 5 in your classroom. I am implementing it this year and am so glad to hear that you love it! I'm still a little nervous about doing it "right". I'm also a bit impatient with the time it takes for training so far, but I know it will pay off in the end! My kiddos are already more independent than any class I've had at this point in the year.

    I'd love to see what works in your classroom if you're ever looking for an idea to blog about :0)

    1. Oh I just love D5! I'm glad you are enjoying. It really has been the best thing in my classroom. I guess seeing what it was like before D5 then what it was after D5 was just what sold me on it. It does take a lot of training at the beginning, but it is totally worth it!

      I'll keep it in mind to blog about it! I'll try and get some pictures in the next week or so to show how it looks in my room then share some resources I use for each D5! Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. I blogged about your giveaway here is the link
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!! My advice for your half marathon training is find a good training program and a few good running partners! The hardest part of any long run is the mental challenge of continuing when your body and mind tell you to stop!!
    Also, thanks for letting me know about the giveaway! I'm entered and will be blogging about it today! I'm your newest follower!!

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